Apply for a Community Grant

The right funding opportunity is waiting for you with ECF’s Community Grant Program — all you have to do is apply.

As a charitable organization, you have specific funding needs. No matter your industry, we support charities in the Edmonton area across all sectors:

  • Arts, Culture, & Heritage
  • Education & Learning
  • Community & Social Services
  • Health & Wellness
  • Recreation & Leisure
  • Environment

The Community Grants program can support a wide range of organizational needs, including (but not limited to): programs, projects, operational support, equipment purchases, or renovations.


Community Grants aim to support our community. A non-profit is eligible to apply if it serves the greater Edmonton area, including Leduc County, Parkland County, Strathcona County, and Sturgeon County. The non-profit must also have a charitable registration number from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or be considered a qualified donee.

If you are not a registered charity but wish to apply for funding, you can consider the following options:

  • Make a formal application to CRA to become a registered charity.
  • Establish a written partnership with a registered charity that would apply for funds for the proposed project. CRA recommends that the relationship between the registered charity and the non-charitable organization be formalized and documented. Click here to visit CRA’s website for more details.
  • Review the guidelines for the Community Grants program.
  • Start with a phone call to the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) to discuss the online application process and eligibility requirements. This may lead to an in-person meeting, if desired, with ECF staff.

Applying for a Community Grant

If you are eligible for a grant, you can receive up to $80,000 if you have worked with ECF recently (grant approved, completed, and reported). If you don’t have a recent relationship with us (within the last five years), you can apply for a grant up to $40,000. To apply for funding, you need an account to access the Community Grants application form.

If you have already registered, you can follow these steps to access the application form:

  • Log in using your username and password.
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, e-mail to reset it.
  • Log in and select the Community Grants Application.
  • Note the deadlines for the current application. Once closed, you will not be able to access the information.

If you are not already registered, follow the steps below to set up an account:

  • Visit the registration page and register an account to apply online.
  • Enter in a username applicable to your organization, an email address, and a password (twice for confirmation).
  • Once you sign up, the system will send you an email to activate your account. If it’s not in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder.
  • Copy and paste the link provided in the e-mail into a web browser to update your account.
  • Log in and select the Community Grants Application.
  • Note the deadlines for the current application. Once closed, you will not be able to access the information.
  • Start the online application for the Community Grants program.

ECF’s Two-Stage Process

We use a two-stage process that includes an initial letter of inquiry followed by a full proposal, if requested. This process is meant to assist applicants. For projects that are unlikely to receive funding for any reason, it prevents the applicant organization from dedicating time and resources to a full proposal that will not be successful. It also allows our staff the chance to raise questions in the Request for Proposal letter. This helps strengthen the final proposal, which is reviewed by one of our five sub-committees.

Please note: Attachments such as letters of support, financial statements, or testimonials are not required during the first stage. If we need more information, we will contact the applicant.

When to Submit

We encourage you to apply at least two weeks before the deadline, but we have a continual intake of funding applications. This allows us to review each on its own merit and respond promptly with questions and feedback. There are more opportunities to provide support for charities that apply early. This also gives you more time to write a strong proposal. We do not provide retroactive funding, so applying early helps ensure no part of your project goes unfunded.
The annual deadlines to submit an online application are:

  • March 1 for funding required after June 1 (applications available December 2)
  • June 1 for funding required after September 1 (application available March 2)
  • September 1 for funding required after December 1 (application available June 2)
  • December 1 for funding required after March 1 (application available September 2)

For more information about Community Grants, contact our staff at or by phone at 780-426-0015.