Board and Committees

Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) relies on the expertise and leadership of a dedicated team of volunteers.

Our volunteer board members have a wide range of experience that helps them set direction and standards for ECF. They oversee our operations with the Edmonton community’s interests in mind. Community volunteers with expertise in specific sectors also serve on several committees that provide support to ECF staff and the board on key areas of operation.


Our board members are appointed by the Committee of Nominators, a group selected by the following organizations:

  • Mayor of the City of Edmonton,
  • Chair of the Board of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce,
  • President of the Edmonton & District Labour Council,
  • Senior Justice resident in Edmonton of the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta,
  • United Way of the Alberta Capital Region,
  • University of Alberta, and
  • Edmonton Bar Association.

Directors of the Board are appointed for a three-year term and are eligible to serve a maximum of two terms. Terms commence and terminate on the date of ECF’s annual meeting, which is typically held in June of each year.

The Board as a whole elects a chair and deputy chair and appoints a secretary. Each Board member serves as chair or a member of one or more of ECF’s committees.

Our Board has adopted the Code of Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability from Imagine Canada. The Board has also approved a Privacy Policy that ensures compliance with federal and provincial legislation.

Board Officers

  • Zahra Somani, Chair
  • Monelle Sturko, Vice Chair
  • Marshall Shoctor, Secretary


  • Marc Arnal
  • Linda Banister
  • Jacquelyn Cardinal
  • Teresa Clouston
  • Cynthia Dunnigan
  • Elisa Hung
  • Bob Kinasewich
  • Mark Korthuis
  • Filip Ksiazkiewicz
  • Shabir Ladha
  • Susan McGee
  • Jai Parihar

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee helps maintain the quality and integrity of ECF’s financial reporting. They are appointed by ECF’s Board of Directors. The Committee monitors, evaluates, advises, and makes recommendations on ECF’s financial activity. This includes external audits, financial reporting, accounting policies and practices, operating budget, and any related internal control systems.


  • Shabir Ladha (Committee Chair, ECF Board)
  • Phoebe Elliot
  • Elisa Hung
  • Megan Koper
  • Ashley Maksymic
  • Gaurav Singhmar

Endowment Development Committee

The Endowment Development Committee encourages the building of endowment funds to support and enrich the Edmonton community. It helps ECF connect donors to the resources they need to make the best decisions.


  • Bob Kinasewich, Chair
  • Linda Banister
  • Chandra Clark
  • Brian Dickinson
  • Tim Kirby
  • Bruce Kirkland
  • Ted Kouri
  • Michael Schuh
  • Ashvin Singh
  • Cary Williams

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee assesses the overall performance of ECF’s Board and its committees. They are in place to help manage the Board’s activity and to ensure it’s in line with stakeholders’ expectations. The Governance Committee also recommends nominees to the Board and other committees.


  • Susan McGee, Chair
  • Teresa Clouston
  • Marshall Shoctor
  • Zahra Somani

Granting Programs Committee

The Granting Programs Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors to support ECF’s grants and awards programs. Under this committee, several sub-committees review all grants and awards applications and make recommendations to the Granting Programs Committee.


  • Cynthia Dunnigan, Chair
  • Marc Arnal
  • Linda Banister
  • Heather Braid
  • Shannon Clarke
  • Karen Harrison
  • Emilia Housch
  • Mark Korthuis
  • Amber Rooke
  • Matt Ward

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee supports the Board in key decision making. Its members are appointed based on a recommendation from the Board’s Governance Committee. The Investment Committee reviews investment policies and recommends changes based on their expertise. They also monitor the policies and review the performance of the fund custodians and investment managers


  • Filip Ksiazkiewicz, Chair
  • Evan Baptie
  • Thea Jackson
  • Jai Parihar
  • David Porter
  • Rakesh Saraf
  • Trevor Vegh