Call for Volunteers: Wills Week Subcommittee

Edmonton Community Foundation (“ECF”) is seeking volunteers for the Wills Week Subcommittee. Volunteers play key roles in the work of ECF.

Wills Week Described:

For more than 20 years Edmonton Community Foundation (“ECF”) has undertaken Wills Week.

Wills Week currently consists of the following elements:

  • a set of free presentations presented by lawyers to encourage and educate Edmonton area residents
    • to create a will
    • to seek professional advice to ensure their will is well planned and documented
    • to include charitable giving in their wills and
    • to understand how ECF can be a resource to defining and including gifts to charities important to them
  • a continuing education luncheon/event for professional advisors on a topic related to estate planning
  • a continuing education luncheon/event for Edmonton area charities on a topic related to charitable giving.


Wills Week sub-committee (the “Committee”)

The Committee exists to assist ECF staff in the following aspects of the Wills Week project:

  • engaging wills & estates lawyers as speakers for the public sessions;
  • identifying appropriate and relevant topics and engaging excellent speakers for the continuing education luncheons/events for professional advisors and charities;
  • identifying topics and providing written content for the “Late Edition” publication distributed in advance of Wills Week and at the public information sessions; and
  • promoting the professional advisors luncheon/event and encouraging professional advisors they know to attend.

In addition to the annual Wills Week elements, Committee members assist in engaging wills & estates practitioners to create estate related resources for the ECF website, social media feeds, publications and podcast as needed.


  • The Committee meets on an annual schedule as follows:
    • in the spring for planning purposes
    • again in the early fall (August September) before Wills Week
    • after Wills Week activities (October/November) for a debrief session
  • Most of the work of Committee members takes place outside of meetings. Two areas of time sensitive commitment are: review and comments on the Late Edition in time for publication and arranging the speakers no later than the first week of September.
  • It is expected that most Committee members be prepared to arrange at least one of the speakers to be invited to present to the general public.


In order to serve the diverse communities within the greater Edmonton area, ECF seeks to appoint gender-balanced committees that also reflect the diversity of the community, including Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of linguistic, ethnic and other minority communities, including those whose members’ gender identity or sexual orientation differs from that of the majority.

ECF has a particular interest in seeking Committee members and speakers who will help the Wills Week project provide wills & estates information to members of Edmonton’s diverse communities so as to increase the numbers of community members who have a valid and accurate up-to-date will.

To provide age diversity on the Committee and for presenters we have particular interest in recruiting professionals who have been practicing in the wills & estates area for approximately 3-6 years.

  • The professional services provided by Committee members must have a specific focus on wills and estate planning
  • A professional designation such as TEP, JD, CPA and for lawyers, active membership in the CBA Wills & Estates Section is required.
  • Committee members and presenters must be comfortable discussing charitable giving as a topic and generally the tax savings charitable giving provides. Where members do not have this comfort at the time of becoming a Committee member, they are expected to develop this skill and knowledge within their first year on the Committee.  ECF will support and assist Committee members and speakers to become more comfortable in these discussions.
  • ECF is seeking at least 3 new members for the Committee and is also seeking 3-4 additional Wills & Estates Lawyers to present public sessions either during Wills Week or at other points during the year.

Click HERE to read the Wills Week Subcommittee Terms of Reference.


How to apply

Send a cover letter and resume by email to   by April 19, 2019.   Your application should identifying how you meet the qualifications required and clearly reference the Wills Week Committee and whether you are interested in:

  • Serving on the Committee
  • Being a Wills Week speaker

Contact with questions.

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