Community Play Space

The Community Play Space Program supports the creation or redevelopment of public use community playgrounds and parks in the greater Edmonton area.

COMMUNITY PLAY SPACE GRANTS help individuals and organizations improve their neighbourhoods. These grants can range from $5,000 to $20,000 and act as a small source of assistance to supplement funds from other sources.

Many community organizations have benefited from this program. In 2014, the Hazeldean Community League wanted to redevelop a playground in their neighbourhood. They had been working on the $670,000 project for the previous four years. In partnership with the City of Edmonton, they received $20,000 from the Community Play Space program. This funding helped them move towards their fundraising goals, and they were able to start construction on the new playground.

Two major sources of funding for such projects may be:

For help with accessibility funding, applicants can contact the Children’s Ability Fund.


Eligible organizations include community leagues, neighbourhood organizations, and schools and their advisory councils. Applicants must also have a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) number. If you are not a stand-alone charity or don’t have one, you can partner with the City of Edmonton to receive funds on behalf of the project.

Please note that the Foundation gives priority to projects that:

  • Are intended for broad public use,
  • Are located in predominantly low-income neighbourhoods,
  • Include a plan outlining active community participation in project planning, fundraising and implementation,
  • Include the involvement of a City of Edmonton recreation coordinator and/or other officials in project planning,
  • Illustrate appropriate accessibility and accommodate diverse users, and
  • Plan for construction to occur in the year following the application

The deadline to submit your application is November 1. Successful applicants will be notified in January.


Apply for a Community Play Space Grant