Water Ski & Wakeboard Alberta Fund

Our season is short in Alberta so we make the most of it! We offer programs that cater to the true beginner to the seasoned athlete and every level in between.

Our goals are to:

-Promote physical activity and skill development for Albertans

-Promote a healthy living and greater achievement in our future athletes

-Promote more introductory programs and increase the services provided to all coaches and athletes

-Offers recreational programs for all levels of participation by implementing the basics of any athlete development

About Us

WSWA is a non-profit organization that was founded on June 2, 1967. Our Members are from across Alberta and range from recreational water sports enthusiasts to world champions. In partnership with our clubs, volunteers, staff, members, coaches, and officials, we strive to enhance all aspects of towed water sports through athlete, official, coach and organizational development.

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