You Need This Box

Gifts to this fund are non-endowed and will go directly to supporting this project.

About the project

“You Need This Box” is curated tools and activities to help you learn about racism, how to talk about racism, and to create lasting social impact. “You Need This Box” is a social innovation prototype that started at the Edmonton Shift Lab, a partnership of Skills Society and Edmonton Community Foundation to address racism in our community.

About the project team 

We are a diverse team of community members who have chosen to combine our various perspectives, experiences, skills, and knowledge to address racism in our community.

We developed this project to explore how we create a lasting legacy of social change through knowledge sharing and understanding. To learn more about us, visit:

Why is the project team accepting funds? 

We have received great interest in our project, which outpaced our initial budgeted plans.The initial prototype was planned for 30 boxes. However, in the first 48 hours of launching the project, the team received over 1,000 orders! We are now at 1000+ orders on our waitlist and counting.

As part of our initial prototype, boxes are being offered at no cost. It costs approximately $50 to produce each box.

As well, there were several inquiries from individuals interested in supporting this project. In response, we’ve created this donation page where individuals can donate money towards this project.

What will the funds be used towards? 

Your donations will go towards directly supporting the creation and distribution of the subscription box. This includes covering the costs of creating content for current and future boxes.

Does the project have other funding? 

The project team has sought and received additional funding from the Edmonton Community Foundation.


If you have questions about the “You Need This Box” project or would like to discuss more before donating, contact us at

Thank you for your support!

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