Apply for a Small Grant

The small grant program is intended to support one-time, small or emerging, costs where timeliness is required.


A non-profit is eligible to apply if it serves the greater Edmonton area. The non-profit must also have a charitable registration number from Canada Revenue Agency or be considered a qualified donee

Applying for a Small Grant

This opportunity is meant to support specific needs. Requests cannot exceed $10,000. Requests typically fall in the range between $2,000 and $7,000. Applicants must demonstrate the specific need and necessarily request the maximum.

There is no deadline for the small grants application but the process can take up to 4 weeks.

This small grant opportunity is not intended to support:

  • Replacing government cuts
  • National or provincial initiatives without specific benefit to Edmonton
  • Annual funding drives and annual events
  • Faith-based programs
  • Private schools
  • Grants primarily benefitting individuals
  • Requests from other funders to support operations, fundraising initiatives or granting programs
  • Deficit funding
  • Medical equipment and research
  • Capital campaigns or purchase of land and/or buildings
  • Any expenses incurred prior to the Foundation’s decision date

In general, organizations can receive one small grant per twelve month period. Exceptions may be made when the charity is working in partnership with a non-profit representing a marginalized community. This is in recognition that there are systemic barriers to funding for some communities.

This grant is intended to support emerging or smaller needs where timeliness is required. If your request is higher than $10,000, please Apply for a Community Grant.

Apply for a Small Grant


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