Community Investment Partnership

The Community Investment Partnership (CIP) guide is a way to connect our donors to timely and innovative projects in our community.

CIP contains projects that range in scope and focus, each one addressing a specific emerging need in the community. These projects are being presented at a time when funding will have a tangible impact.

CIP is an ideal opportunity for donors with existing endowment funds to support a quality program with an identified need. Donors can allocate a portion of the available grant dollars from their donor advised fund to that project. CIP doesn’t require donors to give more money. It’s simply a way to streamline the process of directing existing grant dollars to priority needs.

In most cases, the organizations doing frontline work in the community have identified these projects as priorities. Proposals for each project are vetted by expert advisors and ECF staff.

The CIP Guide includes projects examined through our:

Foundation Directed Initiatives are larger projects led by organizations we have a relationship with. They entail an investment over several years. Projects funded through the Vital Signs Grants address strategic issues identified through an annual statistical analysis that we conduct with the Edmonton Social Planning Council.

The economic challenges affecting Edmonton have put a great deal of stress on local charities. We regularly receive more applications than we are able to fund, but donors’ participation in CIP can help ensure fewer declines are necessary. As all the projects in this guide have been carefully evaluated and determined to be funding priorities, we are committed to finding the money to support them.

To find out more, download a PDF version of the most recent CIP guide or scroll down to find a list of the most current projects. To support a CIP project, contact ECF’s Grants Team at

The Winter 2016 Community Investment Partnership Projects include:

  • B’s Supporting Youth Foundation — B’s Lunch Program
  • Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters — Partnership Advisor
  • Multicultural Family Resources Society — Capacity Building: Fund Development
  • Edmonton Gleaners Association (Food Bank) — Freezer/Cooler Project
  • Pembina Foundation — Bringing Sustainable Energy to Communities
  • Uncles & Aunts at Large — Stop Now And Plan (SNAP) Program for at-risk elementary students
  • Edmonton Vocal Alchemy Society — 15th Anniversary Celebration Performance
  • Azimuth Theatre Association — 9 Parts Desire
  • CKUA Radio Foundation — Putting a Name to a Place
  • Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta — Computabilities
  • Edmonton Down Syndrome Society — Family Support Liaison
  • Recreation for Life Foundation — Healthy Child Development in Aboriginal Communities
  • Boyle Street Service Society — Winter Emergency Response Bus
  • Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (ECVO) — Governance and Leadership Development
  • Edmonton and Area Land Trust — Building the Organization
  • Natural Step Canada — NGO Sustainability Champions Workshop
  • Edmonton Arts Council (EAC) Society — New Pathways for the Arts
  • Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society — New in Town Aboriginal Welcome Service
  • Bissell Centre — Community Bridge
  • Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre — C5 Collaborative Development