Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) strengthens the community by connecting donors to charities and causes that are important to them.

Edmonton is full of passionate people dedicated to building a vibrant community. Edmonton Community Foundation supports this by encouraging innovation, visionary thinking, and leadership. We believe that with the right resources, it is possible to strengthen Edmonton’s community. That is why we have spent years building strong relationships with donors, charities, volunteers, and community leaders. These relationships help us identify trends and priority needs in our city. They also help us provide the right resources to the right people, projects, and places. Whether you’re looking for a student grant, funding for your charity’s latest project, or a trusted place to donate, ECF has what you need. After all, connecting people is what we do best.


People often equate endowment funds with millions of dollars. They don’t realize that donors can establish a fund with $10,000 and build it over time. ECF helps donors manage their gifts through efficient and strategic practices. With a permanent endowment fund, donors build a lasting legacy of support for organizations. Around 4% of the funds are granted to charities annually. This means the funds continue to grow, and charities continue to benefit.

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ECF supports charities in a variety of sectors to encourage ongoing community engagement. Since its founding in 1989, ECF’s endowment base has grown to more than $728 million. This has provided more than $370 million in grants to hundreds of charities. These funds are available through one of our many grants.

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ECF understands that it’s more than organizations that make our community strong — it’s the people. Our grants aim to encourage students to be active in the community. This is why our student awards consider both financial need and community involvement.

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Professional Advisors

ECF helps lawyers, financial planners, and accountants provide added value to their clients. We make the gifting process easy and straightforward. Your clients have several options when it comes to donating. They can choose to leave a gift to ECF in a will or donate publicly traded securities. They may decide to name ECF in a life insurance policy or other registered savings plans. They can take pride in building a legacy while accessing many tax benefits available in Alberta. We work closely with professional advisors to help their clients make the decision that is best for them.

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