Stakeholders Complaints Policy

The Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) is committed to supporting the effective and timely resolution of complaints and will provide all stakeholders with an open and transparent process to register a complaint.


  1. It is important that complaints be resolved as quickly as possible. Those who play a role in the complaint resolution process must respond with a commitment to a timely resolution. Complaints from stakeholders that cannot be resolved by the staff director most directly involved should be brought to the attention, in writing or by email, of the Chief Executive Officer as soon as possible.
  2. Subject to any other legal right or obligation, The Chief Executive Officer will acknowledge the complaint within 10 days and respond to the complaint within 30 days.
  3. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be achieved and the stakeholder wishes to take the matter further, the stakeholder shall provide the Chair of the Board with a written summary of the complaint.
  4. The Chair of the Board will decide if the complaint should be considered by the Board. If so, the Board will review the complaint at its earliest convenience. The Board will address the complaint, or define a process to address the complaint. The Board’s decision shall be final.
  5. Annually the CEO will report to the board, in writing, of the number, type and disposition of complaints he/she received.