BIPOC Grants

As a community foundation, we strive to be strategic and responsive to the changing needs of our residents and communities. We recognize that foundations have access to forms of power such as capital, networks and influence. As such, we must be explicit in our commitment to racial equity.

The BIPOC Grants highlight Edmonton Community Foundation’s (ECF) commitment and approach to support organizations that are led-by and serve communities who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color across the Greater Edmonton Area. The current attention given to anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism has created an opportunity for ECF to take additional action in support of communities most impacted by the ongoing and systemic racial disparities.

This grant stream allows ECF to engage, empower, build capacity, and increase awareness about these organizations’ positive impact in the community.

The BIPOC Grant Program is undergoing a review over the summer months. Check back in September 2024 to learn more.

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