BIPOC Grants

As a community foundation, we strive to be strategic and responsive to the changing needs of our residents and communities. We recognize that foundations have access to forms of power such as capital, networks and influence. As such, we must be explicit in our commitment to racial equity.

The BIPOC Grants highlight Edmonton Community Foundation’s (ECF) commitment and approach to support organizations that are led-by and serve communities who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color across the Greater Edmonton Area. The current attention given to anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism has created an opportunity for ECF to take additional action in support of communities most impacted by the ongoing and systemic racial disparities.

This grant stream allows ECF to engage, empower, build capacity, and increase awareness about these organizations’ positive impact in the community.

Organizations can apply by sending an email to both:

Nneka Otogbolu, Director of Communications and Equity Strategy:

Joanne Currie, Director of Grants and Community Engagement:

2021 Grants

Amount: $32,400

Project: Reflection Pool App

To support the pilot phase of app development.

Amount: $20,000

Project: Indigenization Project

To support consultation, travel, and protocol costs associated with the new Director of Indigenization position.

Amount: $19,200

Project: You Need This Box

To evaluate the second instalment of the You Need This Box series through surveys and interviews, as well as develop, design and user test the third instalment.

Amount: $10,000

Project: Access to Ceremony and Indigenous Knowledge

To engage youth people in land-based teachings, ceremony, language lessons and knowledge transfer to connect them to their ancestral roots.

Amount: $10,000

Project: Diversity Certified

To develop a training curriculum with market landlords and non-market housing providers on how to address the prevention of discrimination in housing.

Amount: $58,300

Project: To continue conversations and webinars for another year with focused topics and dive a bit deeper into different themes or areas of interest as regards racism.

Amount: $61,600

Project: Black Canadian Literature Guide

To develop a K-12 curriculum of African and Caribbean genres of identity building or idioms of expressions in fiction and non-fiction.

Amount: $10,000

Project: EYEEC Youth Engagment Process

To hire and train students to provide them with the skills necessary to carry out the youth engagement process.

Amount: $66,000

Project: Unmasking Micro-inequities

To develop workshop content, deliver webinars and create a free, open-access educational resource in micro-inequities.

Amount: $23,700

Project: Family Advancement Association

To implement a project focused on promoting kids’ digital literacy, education and wellness through a carefully planned and coordinated digital, educational and sports program.

Amount: $10,200

Project: Ladies Corner Media Limited

To support equipment needs for Ladies Corner Media, dedicated to give all women with creative ideas publicity and visibility.

Amount: $44,000

Project: ECF, Privy Council and FFBC partnership on COVID-19 Vaccine Education Campaign

To support a COVID-19 vaccine education campaign for Black Communities in Edmonton.

Amount: $8,000

Project: Reflection Pool App

To cover six weeks of resourcing work related to the pilot phase.

Amount: $13,000

Project: YEG in Diversity in Art Showcase

A collaborative exhibition featuring the work of Black and Indigenous artists within Alberta

Amount: $5,000

Project: Strong Together Fund

To support the creation of a fund in response to hate crimes, murder, and racism committed against Muslims in London.

Amount: $15,000

Project: Shauna May Seneca School

To support work in the community in regards to the recent discovery and confirmation of the tragedies that happened at residential schools.

Amount: $15,000

Project: Indigenous Journalism

To support the education and development of writers in Western Canada, giving highest priority to Indigenous writers.

Amount: $30,000

Project: Youth Mental Health

To support the additional day of mental health line and additional supports for youth mental health.

Amount: $15,000

Project: Strategic Planning

To provide assistance with strategic planning to respond to increased needs.

Amount: $10,000

Project: South Sudanese Funeral Costs

To support the burial and funeral costs related to more deaths of young adults in the South Sudanese community.

Amount: $5,600

Project: Reflection Pool App

To cover work related to the pilot phase.

Amount: $15,500

Project: Rent

To support 12 months rent for Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton (SCCSE).

2020 Grants

You can find grants from 2020 on our Granting microsite.