Community Services Recovery Fund

Edmonton Community Foundation is proud to have worked with community foundations across Canada as part of the Community Services Recovery Fund.

This fund is a collaboration between Canadian Red Cross, Community Foundations of Canada, and United Way Centraide Canada to provide funding to Community Service Organizations, including non-profit organizations, Indigenous Governing Bodies or Registered Charities located in Canada. The Community Services Recovery Fund (CSRF) responds to what Community Service Organizations need right now and supports organizations as they adapt to the long-term impacts of the pandemic.

The CSRF is a one-time investment of $400 million to help community service organizations (charities, non-profits, Indigenous governing bodies) adapt, modernize and be better equipped to improve the efficacy, accessibility and sustainability of the community services that they provide through the pandemic recovery and beyond.

As part of our commitment to bolstering the community, ECF has diligently supported local charities through the Investment in Systems and Processes stream. This strategic approach has enabled us to facilitate grants for essential upgrades in IT systems, booking services, cybersecurity, and other vital behind-the-scenes operations. By empowering organizations with improved infrastructure, we ensure they are better equipped to serve their communities efficiently and effectively.

Through the CSRF, ECF was able to provide 30 local organizations with grants totaling over $2.17 million.

The following projects are being supported in Edmonton and area:

Project: Telling Our Story

Amount: $13,200

Project: Communications and Fundraising Enhancements

Amount: $62,500

Project: Internal Communications System Upgrade

Amount: $100,000

Project: Digital Transformation to Support Autism Services in Alberta

Amount: $99,490

Project: Digital Transformation

Amount: $43,200

Project: Implementing Digital Security Solutions

Amount: $46,000

Project: e4c Digital Transformation and Optimization

Amount: $100,000

Project: Cyber Security Plan and Implementation

Amount: $38,609

Project: Transform to a Data Driven Organization

Amount: $91,600

Project: Epilepsy Information For All

Amount: $67,791

Project: Three Computer Labs

Amount: $93,500

Project: A Mode for Modernization: A Better Donor Direction

Amount: $12,698

Project: GeriActors Audience Recovery Plan

Amount: $72,669

Project: Transform

Amount: $140,133

Project: Kids Kottage Digital Infrastructure Development

Amount: $44,062

Project: Building Better MDU Systems and Processes Project

Amount: $100,000

Project: NLT’s Fund Development Project

Amount: $67,460

Project: Sharing Our Sound With Canada & the World

Amount: $32,000

Project: Server Replacement

Amount: $38,000

Project: Expanding Capacity through Digital Transformation

Amount: $98,270

Project: Service Delivery, Evaluations, and Shared Resource Technology Platform

Amount: $100,000

Project: SNAP Recovery Action Plan

Amount: $98,438

Project: Getting Back to the Future

Amount: $68,991

Project: The Works Organizational Assessment and Communications Planning

Amount: $100,000

Project: Building Resilience

Amount: $32,650

Project: Investing in Systems, Transforming Winnifred Stewart

Amount: $27,300

Project: Implementation of an Integrated Fundraising Strategy

Amount: $84,500

Project: The Way Ahead: Innovative, Inclusive and Informed Care

Amount: $98,400

Project: New Database & Evaluation Specialist Position

Amount: $100,000

Funded by the Government of Canada under the Community Services Recovery Fund