Funding opportunities help Edmontonians achieve their goals. That’s why Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) has a variety of grants available. We give students and charitable organizations the resources they need to strengthen our community. Here you will find a list of all the funding opportunities ECF has to offer.

Community Grants

Our Community Grants Program provides financial support to charities in the greater Edmonton area. Through this program, you can get support for a wide range of operational needs. We provide funding for programs, equipment, renovations, and more. To learn more about the process, our guidelines, and how to apply, click here.

Young Edmonton Grants

The Young Edmonton Grants (YEG) program supports activities initiated, led, and organized by young Edmonton and area residents. It provides youth between the ages of 13-24 with up to $3,000 to turn their ideas into reality. Past recipients include Folk Lordz, a cross-cultural improv troupe, and FEMPower: A Diverse Young Women’s Empowerment Conference. The best part about the YEG Program is its flexibility. Have an idea? Tell us about it! To learn more about the process, our guidelines and how to apply, click here.

Student Awards

Our Student Awards programs provide bursaries and scholarships to students pursuing post-secondary education. These programs are as diverse as the students who apply for them. You can find a list of our Student Awards here.

Foundation Directed Initiatives

Foundation Directed Initiatives (FDIs) support new and ongoing high-priority projects in our community. This program offers multi-year funding to selected agencies focused on addressing a critical issue. FDI funding ensures they can focus on the work at hand while avoiding the cycle of annual grant applications. There is no application process for FDI funding. Agencies are chosen through an in-depth internal process that complements our Community Grants Program.

Donor Advised Grants

Donor Advised Grants provide charities annual advice from the donors who established a fund to support them. These grants are specific to the donor and their chosen charity, so agencies cannot apply for them. However, ECF acts as a source of information to donors about Edmonton’s charitable sector. We learn about organizations and programs through the Community Grants Program. Then, we share information about emerging needs with donors who request it.

Designated Grants

Designated Grants provide annual support to a specific charity chosen by the donor. Through designated funds, the agency receives important, predictable funding that they can use at their discretion to help fulfill their mandates. Agencies cannot apply for designated grants. Agencies interested in building an endowment can get support and coaching from our Donor Services Team.

Social Enterprise Fund

The Social Enterprise Fund (SEF) is a unique collaboration between ECF, the City of Edmonton, and other investors. It provides loans to social enterprises working to improve the community and the world. Social enterprises, like any small businesses, need access to capital to grow. Grants are a vital tool to support the work of Edmonton’s non-profit sector, but they are not always the best option. Where ECF’s granting streams are only available to organizations with a registered charity number, capital from SEF is available to a wider range of agencies. To learn more about SEF, click here.

Other Grants

ECF’s generous donors make it possible to meet a variety of community needs, whether ongoing or emerging. For some granting streams, applications are not accepted.

You can see a full list of grants ECF has made on our Granting in Action microsite.

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