Vital Signs:
Food Security

Our 2023 Vital Signs Report is here! Check it out on our report page.

Edmonton Vital Signs® helps identify the status of Edmontonians and the health of the region we live in.

Vital Signs® is a national initiative conducted by participating community foundations across Canada. The Edmonton Vital Signs® Report identifies the status of aspects of our community. Vital Signs® is also a valuable teaching tool and resource for policymakers and organizations working on the front lines. These groups use Vital Signs® to help inform their decision-making processes.

We partner with the Edmonton Social Planning Council (ESPC) to ensure the information provided by Vital Signs® is accurate. ESPC is an independent social research and analysis organization. They have been operating in Edmonton for more than 75 years. Learn more about the ESPC. We also work with a committee of community experts to ensure the report examines the right issues.

In addition to our annual report, we focus on individual issues periodically throughout the year: Vital Topics.

Access past Vital Topics and Vital Signs reports: