Edmonton Community Foundation’s (ECF) Finance team is dedicated to ensuring your donations reach their full potential through its years of experience and expertise in the fast-paced world of investment.

Donors have confidence their gifts will be carefully invested for the long term when they create endowment funds at ECF.

ECF’s exemplary record of matching donor’s interest with community needs over the long term has resulted in more than $340 million being distributed in support of charitable initiatives since 1989.

For the year ended December 31, 2023:

  • Total value of funds: $784.4 million
  • Received in contributions: $48.1 million
  • New funds created in 2022: 111
  • Total number of funds: 1,649
  • Total distributions to charitable causes: $33.2 million
  • Return on pooled investments: 7.02% (net of average custodian and investment counsel fees)
  • Annualized return since 1989: 7.88% (gross of fees)

ECF’s financial statements offer detailed financial information. Below, you will find our consolidated financial statements from previous years:

ECF is the 4th largest community foundation in Canada, with more than $640 million under our management. Our capacity to serve the charitable sector is directly tied to our ability to preserve and enhance our financial assets. Our Generosity in Action publication shows more than just the numbers; in conjunction with our Legacy in Action magazine, you will see how we connect our donors with the Edmonton community to help weave the social fabric of our city through their generous support. From arts and education to health and wellness, Generosity in Action is a celebration of our donors’ vision of a great city.

As a registered Canadian charity, ECF is required to file a T3010 report with the Canada Revenue Agency annually detailing its administration, executive compensation, and other costs. Click here to be directed to the most recent ECF CRA T3010.