Mission, Vision, and Values

Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) is a part of the Edmonton community, and supporting the community’s success is at the core of everything we do.

ECF, in the spirit of respect, truth and reconciliation acknowledges that we gather sometimes virtually, on land that has been home for quite some time for many Indigenous peoples and, for many more, a traditional meeting ground, gathering place and travelling route for centuries. We know some of these people as the Cree, Salteaux, Blackfoot, Metis, Dene and Nakota Sioux, although they have their own names which we will learn in time. This place where we live and gather today is acknowledged to be the Territory covered by Treaty 6 and in Region 4 of the Metis Nation of Alberta. We are all treaty people—beneficiaries of the peace and prosperity the Treaty brought—and committed also to working toward the equity and justice the Treaty promised.

We also acknowledge all Nations – Indigenous and non- who live, work, and play on this land and who honour and celebrate this territory.

ECF’s mission is to attract and steward endowment funds and to make strategic investments that enhance quality of life in Edmonton. The Foundation  exists to help the people of Edmonton and area by encouraging philanthropy and funding charitable activities. Through contributions from donors, the Foundation assembles and administers permanent pools of capital so the returns can be perpetually reinvested in our community. ECF complements and supports other charitable agencies.

ECF’s vision is to be:

  • Trusted by donors as the first choice to create endowments.
  • Recognized by charities as a strategic and collaborative funder.
  • Acknowledged by community leaders as the best place for innovative and prudent investments.

ECF values

  • Community Focused. We focus on relationships including donors, grantees, volunteers and staff.
  • Collaborative. We are a catalyst for building and strengthening our community.
  • Empowering. We support the integrity, autonomy and independence of others.
  • Ethical. We demonstrate openness, honesty, accessibility, fairness and mutual respect.
  • Responsible. We demonstrate fiscal prudence through efficient and strategic practices.
  • Innovative. We strive for visionary thinking and innovation.