• Rapid Response Fund: COVID-19

    Rapid Response Fund Our community and the charitable sector are deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The sector will have a variety of needs well beyond the agencies that deal

  • Community compassion during COVID-19

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Community compassion during COVID-19 DATELINE: March 18, 2020 Edmonton, AB Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) supports our community’s efforts to remain safe and resilient during the evolving COVID-19

  • A Sustaining Career

    After nearly five decades in the non-profit world, Larry Derkach leveraged retirement to create a new endowment fund. When Larry Derkach was a university student eyeing a career in medicine,

  • King of the Hill

    Hilltop House: A gracious Echo of City’s Past Hilltop House, from its vantage point on the north bank of the North Saskatchewan River valley, has overlooked the growing city of

  • Preserving Our Past

    Museum keeps historic grain elevator in Leduc There was a time when buildings like the crib-style grain elevator in Leduc were the defining structures of small-town Alberta. Sentinels in the

  • Call for Volunteers: Grants Sub-Committees

    Edmonton Community Foundation is looking for volunteers for our grants sub-committees! Volunteers play a key role in our granting work. Grants sub-committees review grant applications and provide recommendations to the