Tax Calculator

Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) knows that effective financial plans take care of your family and friends while reflecting your values and minimizing taxes.

Including charitable gifts in your financial and estate plans is a great way to support these goals. Our easy-to-use tax calculator can help you visualize the savings you will have on your taxes. Simply enter the amount of your gift, and we’ll show you the amount you can save if you make your gift this year (based on Federal/Alberta rates).

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If you want to learn how to get the most out of your charitable giving, contact our Donor Advisors Team by email at or by phone at 780-426-0015.


This calculator is based on CRA’s tax calculator and is not for corporations and does not take into account all tax situations. ECF does not guarantee that the tax credit calculated here is the tax credit you will receive. These calculations are based on the information you provide — please enter accurate information.

If you have to pay a provincial surtax, your savings will be more than the calculated charitable donation tax credit. This is because the credit will reduce the amount on which your provincial surtax is calculated.