Ways To Give

What if you could make a difference in your community — not only today, not just for your lifetime, but forever? Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) helps donors create that kind of vibrant, ongoing support.

We do this by establishing endowment funds, which create a permanent legacy felt over generations. An endowment fund with ECF invests gifts through independent investment managers. Each year, a percentage of the fund is granted to the causes and organizations that mean the most to you.

There are many ways you can make a difference to the causes you cherish. Imagine how this might look, and share your vision with us. As long as there is a Canadian registered charity that is doing the work you support, we can help.

Some examples include:

  • Assisting people living in difficult circumstances such as poverty, homelessness, and hunger;
  • Ensuring arts, culture, and imagination continue to find expression;
  • Building individual power through teaching and learning;
  • Protecting our air, water, wildlife, and natural resources;
  • Encouraging wellness and supporting research, treatment, and prevention of illnesses;
  • Providing resources and support to keep people active;
  • Supporting positive outcomes for children and families;
  • Investing in enterprises with a social aim.

The conversations we like best are about the goals you want to achieve. If they involve building lasting support, we can help. If your vision requires alternative resources outside of our scope, we are happy to make those connections. Call on our flexibility and expertise to find out how you can make a difference.

Who Can Give?

Endowment funds are often misunderstood as options only for those with millions of dollars to give. This is a misconception that ECF is proud to debunk. In reality, an endowment fund can be established with $10,000 — and you can take up to 10 years to reach that threshold. That’s as little as $85/month!

Many of our donors realize that their annual one-time charitable gifts exceed the monthly minimum. They decide to pool and allocate their individual gifts toward opening an endowment fund and to start building their legacy.

The power of endowment is within your reach. Here’s how the process works.

Why Give?

The reasons for giving are as diverse as the charities our donors choose to support. Some people create endowments as a memorial for a loved one. Others open endowments as a way to leave a legacy of their own. Companies establish funds to exemplify their commitment to social responsibility and as a way to involve their employees in community building. Charities create funds as a way to build a solid foundation of financial support in the face of uncertain granting cycles. Whatever your reason, we have the resources to help you.

When Do I Give?

The best time to start your endowment fund is now. There is no age limit, and the sooner you establish an endowment, the more time it will have to grow. This provides support sooner to the causes and organizations close to you. Many donors have also discovered their endowment fund is an excellent way to encourage a family tradition of caring. They start funds when their children are young to help develop an active interest in the charities the family’s fund supports.

How Can I Give?

When you’ve made the decision to develop a fund, you’ll want to consider the options that work best for you and your situation. If an endowment fund isn’t a right fit for you, we can connect your gift to the growth of existing endowments. This way, we can ensure your one time gift is making the most impact as possible for causes and charities important to you.
We also have several donation options available:

You can direct cash gifts of any amount to any existing fund or to our Community Fund. Donating to the Community Fund enhances the ability of ECF’s Board to address emerging and priority needs in our community. We can also help you set up monthly giving by pre-authorized debit or credit card contributions.

Please make all cheques payable to “Edmonton Community Foundation” and include a note or indicate on the memo line of your cheque which fund you would like your gift to support. You can also make an online gift to ECF through Canada Helps. For credit card donations by phone, call 780-426-0015 for assistance.

Gifts in Wills
Leaving a gift to ECF in your will is an easy way to leave a lasting legacy. After you have taken care of your loved ones, leaving a small percentage of your estate for your endowment will make a huge difference to the causes and charities important to you. It will also provide valuable tax savings. Visit our gifts in wills page – sample will wording is included on the second page.

You don’t have to let us know in advance that you have named ECF in your will, but doing so will ensure we build your legacy exactly as you intended.

Our easy “will intentions” do not impose any obligation on you to make a gift in your will. Instead, they create our promise to you to fulfill your charitable goals. Call us to discuss your wishes.

Visit our Wills Week page for more information about creating and maintaining an up-to-date will.

Publicly Traded Securities
Donors are discovering their publicly traded shares and mutual funds may hold the key to helping them realize their dreams of giving back to the community. They are able to put tax savings to work, as a special tax incentive exists for gifts of publicly traded securities made to Canadian registered charities. If you give publicly traded securities in-kind to ECF, you are not required to pay tax on any capital gain that results from the gift. You also receive a donation receipt for the fair market value of the securities on the day we receive them in our account.

In Alberta, in-kind gifts of shares and mutual funds may provide up to $240 of additional tax savings for every $1,000 of capital gain than would be the case if you sold the shares and gave the proceeds to charity. This tax incentive is also available for “in-kind” gifts of publicly traded securities made in your will.

Life Insurance
If you are holding a life insurance policy that is no longer needed for its original purpose, you may be able to turn it into a valuable charitable gift. Alternatively, purchasing a new policy to create an extraordinary gift later may be surprisingly affordable. We can help you find many innovative tax saving ideas for using life insurance to create support for the charities and causes dear to you.