Foundation Recognition

Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) has earned a position of trust and respect throughout our community.

Donors and charitable organizations have come to recognize and appreciate the knowledge, expertise, and dedication of ECF staff, volunteer Board, and committees. Together, we have built bridges between donors and charitable causes in our community.

When it comes to recognizing ECF’s support, many organizations choose to include our logo in their marketing materials like posters, handbills, and websites. Other organizations have taken unique approaches to recognizing their relationship with ECF.

In 1998, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival wanted to cut down on the amount of garbage it produced. Thanks to a grant from ECF, they replaced disposable plates with reusable plastic dishware — dishware that includes ECF’s logo. The next time you’re eating dinner while listening to music in Gallagher Park, look at your plate as you return it!

ECF Logo Guidelines

If you plan to give ECF recognition, please follow the guidelines for using our logo. ECF’s logo is a registered trademark of and wholly owned by Edmonton Community Foundation. If you have received a grant in the previous 12 months or have obtained written permission from ECF, you are welcome to use it on printed or electronic products as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • You will use the logo only for charitable, educational, or non-commercial purposes;
  • When changing the size of the logo, please ensure the proportion and orientation is not altered;
  • The logo must always be presented on a solid background;
  • You acknowledge that you have only a limited right to use this logo;
  • You agree to be bound by the laws applicable in Alberta with respect to your use of the logo.

Thank you for recognizing the partnership we have! We look forward to working together now and in the future. Organizations using the Foundation logo are encouraged to e-mail copies of the material to

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