Young Edmonton Grants

Edmonton Community Foundation’s (ECF) Young Edmonton Grants (YEG) program provides local youth with funding to turn their ideas into reality.

THE YEG PROGRAM funds projects initiated, led, and organized by young Edmonton and area residents between the ages of 13 and 24. These grants range from $500 up to $3,000. Check out our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages to see YEG grants in action!

  • To receive funding, applicants must partner with a registered Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) charity (this may include your school).
  • Partner charities will be required to complete an online form, automatically sent through the online application, supporting the applicant’s project.
  • The partner charity must be aware of the application. For junior and senior high school students, Edmonton Public or Catholic Schools may be willing to accept grants.
  • A representative (Executive Director or Principal) from your partner charity must complete an online form.

This grant program supports youth leadership and priority will be given to applications that demonstrate youth leadership and/or involvement. This grant program is not intended to support charities or agencies that provide programming or services for youth. Instead, it is intended to support young residents who create their own projects or initiatives.

Youth leadership is one or more of the following: mentoring, confidence, growth or personal development, skills development, compassion, impact or paying it forward, role models, teamwork, taking initiative, making connections, and community involvement.

Some things to consider when applying:

  • Application deadlines are March 15 for requests to support initiatives after May 1, and October 15 for requests to support initiatives after December 1.
  • Applications can only be submitted through the online application portal and must be submitted before the 11:59 p.m. deadline.
  • Applications will be available online approximately two months before the deadline. Funds, if awarded, will be sent to the partner charity or school. For more information on the roles and responsibilities of applicants, partner charities and ECF within this program, read our YEG Roles and Responsibilities list.
  • Applications are reviewed by a committee of young Edmonton and area residents that make recommendations for funding. It is anticipated that the number of applications will be greater than the funds that are available to disburse. Not all applications will be approved.
  • Funding will NOT be awarded for any projects, programs, or initiatives that:
    • involve direct religious activity;
    • involve partisan political activity;
    • benefit an individual (such as a scholarship);
    • have already occurred; or
    • involve funds requested being redirected to activities beyond the Edmonton area (e.g. disaster relief in another country).
  • At the end of the project or activity, we would love a summary to hear all about it!

All approved grants – including the names of the charities and the names of the projects involved — will be listed in Edmonton Community Foundation’s publications (such as Legacy in Action magazine, website, podcast and newsletters).

Grant Application Portal


Banner image is a YEG-funded mural project by the Old Scona Academic (OSA) Art Society in partnership with Edmonton Public Schools. Photo taken by Lucie Yang.