Endowment Sustainability Program

Stable, long-term financial support is a goal that all charitable organizations strive toward. However, this goal can often seem difficult and out of reach — but it doesn’t have to be.

Edmonton Community Foundation’s (ECF) Endowment Sustainability Program (ESP) is a cost-effective training and coaching program that helps charitable organizations develop a strong endowment and planned giving program.

ESP participants will:

  • develop donor relationships that lead to significant endowment gifts
  • deepen donor relationships
  • increase current funding opportunities
  • become well-versed in the tax strategies around different types of gifts
  • improve their understanding of the resources available to them through ECF
  • develop effective communication pieces and processes for messaging

After completing the program, participants will be able to provide donors with more options to support your organization in perpetuity. That is the power of endowment. Through endowment funds, donors can create a legacy by making a permanent connection between your organization and their family, to continue to give even after they are gone.

What’s involved?

Participating charities will attend five, half-day classroom sessions over the course of five months. These sessions will take place on the first Wednesday of each month from February to June. Organizations are encouraged to have both staff and board/committee members attend.

Who’s involved?

The program is delivered by Noel Xavier, Matt Mandrusiak, Laura Kugler and a number of guest presenters. This means that participants will receive quality one-on-one access to ECF’s extensive knowledge base and expertise in securing long-term financial support.

Organizations interested in participating in the ESP, or those who may have questions or require more information about the program, should contact one of ECF’s Donor Services team in advance of December 20th each year.

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