Edmonton & Area Land Trust

Edmonton & Area Land Trust (EALT) is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to preserving vital natural areas in the Edmonton region.

From wetlands to forests, EALT’s mission is to preserve essential habitats for wild species and provide opportunities for people to learn about and connect with nature.

EALT receives land through donations and conservation easements. Conservation easements are agreements between landowners and qualified organizations like EALT. They place limits on land use or development that would damage the natural or cultural features of the property.

Securing land is just the beginning for EALT. Protecting and enhancing the conservation values of the lands it acquires is some of their most important work. Each property is evaluated for its conservation values, and a conservation management plan is created and implemented. These plans are tailored to each property and enable EALT to best steward the land now and forever.

It’s the idea of perpetuity that makes EALT such a natural fit for Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF). We manage several permanent endowment funds that provide EALT with stable ongoing financial support for its conservation efforts to continue now and forever.

By creating a permanent endowment fund with the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF), you can help support the Edmonton and Area Land Trust’s conservation efforts.

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If you would like to learn more about the 14 natural areas currently under EALT’s stewardship, click the links below:

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