Estate Administration Week

Estate Administration Week is a series of free presentations that help Edmonton and area residents learn the ins and outs of effectively administering an estate.

Last April, we partnered with a dedicated team of volunteer estate lawyers to answer your questions about estate planning. The sessions offered information about:

  • Planning an estate,
  • What an estate can and cannot do,
  • Proper accounting procedures for an estate, and
  • Why it is so important to plan an estate with the help and expertise of a lawyer, accountant, and financial and estate planner.

Having a properly planned estate ensures you determine who:

  • Gets what from your hard-earned assets,
  • Will administer your estate, and
  • Makes decisions in case things go awry.

After family and loved ones are taken care of, many people choose to create a lasting legacy in their community. A will intention is a great way to do this.

Research shows that 98% of Canadians make donations in their life. Planning for a legacy gift in your will ensures that your dreams and aspirations for the community continue beyond your lifetime. Working with ECF can help individuals and families build funds that reflect their interests.

Below you will find videos of each session that were recorded during Estate Administration Week in April 2021.

Presented by: Colleen Feehan, Lawyer, Feehan Law Office

This session will address the basics of selecting an Executor and getting started on Estate Administration. Topics will include: where to start, what you need to think about and how to prevent confusion and conflict.

Presented by: Victoria Jones BA, LLB, MA, de Villars Jones LLP

Show me the money! There are no secrets in estates, especially when it comes to accounting. Learn what is required, what is expected, and what can go very wrong at this crucial stage of estate administration.

Presented by: Anna-May Choles LLB, Rackel Belzil LLP

Some estate issues are more common than you might think. Be better prepared by learning about some of them. This session will look at intestacy (when someone dies without a will), dealing with foreign assets or trying to locate missing beneficiaries.

Presented by: Shelly Chamaschuk, Partner, Reynolds Mirth Richards and Farmer LLP

Knowing the basic roles and responsibilities of being an executor will make your job easier. Join us for this session for an overview for a general overview of those responsibilities such as dealing with probate or funeral arrangements.

Presented by: Jacklynn Pivovar, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

This presentation will include information about potential claimants against an estate including family maintenance and support claims as well as claims by creditors or the Canada Revenue Agency. You will also learn about your legal obligations as an executor to competing claimants and how you can effectively administer the deceased’s estate.

Presented by: Ravinder Chana, JD, Parlee McLaws LLP

What do you need to know when a person has lost capacity to make decisions for themselves and what is your role as their executor? We’ll discuss Power of Attorney and Personal Directives and how roles differ as well as how to transition from a Power of Attorney to estate administration.

Presented by: Patty Ko, Bishop & MacKenzie LLP

Not everything goes according to plan. How might you avoid disputes or what are your options for resolving them? This session will cover estate disputes, what executors are able to do and how to deal with self represented litigants.

Presented by: Michael Simons, Partner, McCuaig Desrochers LLP and Allison Barkwell, Partner, Barkwell Brown Estate & Tax Lawyers

Truth can be stranger than fiction! Our two presenters will share some of their more unusual estate cases to help you and your loved ones make good decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Presented by: Benjamin Taylor, Partner, Barr LLP

Our presenter will walk us through some typical Do’s and Don’ts to help guide you through your role as an executor and provide some good advice on how to stay out of hot water.

To learn more about Estate Administration Week and how to leave a lasting legacy contact our Donor Services Team by phone at 780-426-0015 or via email at


The information contained in the preceding recordings is based on Alberta law and is for general information only and to encourage you to ACT — to get professional assistance to get a good and valid will, personal directive and enduring power of attorney in place to protect your family, your assets and your business.

The information in these recordings is NOT legal or tax advice and does not replace legal or tax advice. Every person has a unique situation. For legal advice about your situation and/or to prepare these important documents make sure to visit a wills and estates lawyer.