Small Grants

Small grants support small, one-time, time-sensitive requests.

Applications are reviewed monthly. For example, applications submitted in February will be reviewed mid-March and should be for funding after April 1 (ECF cannot support retroactive costs).

Grant sizes vary, the maximum is $20,000. Requests typically range from $10,000 to $15,000. Total funds available are $500,000. With that in mind, please ask for what your organization needs. The application will be available until the budget is allocated.

If your request exceeds the maximum amount of a Small Grant, look to our Community Grants Program instead.


To be eligible to apply for a small grant your organization must:

Organizations are eligible to receive one small grant per 12-month period. Exceptions may be made when a charity is working in partnership with a non-profit representing a marginalized community. This is in recognition that there are systemic barriers to funding for some communities.

Things considered when small grant applications are reviewed:

  • Is the request emergent, time-sensitive, or unexpected?
  • Is there a clear need on how this grant will help the organization and/or community?
  • Number of small grants received over the last number of years

Review Small Grant Guidelines before submitting an application through our online portal.

For more information about our grant programs, contact our staff at or by phone at 780-426-0015.


Small Grant reports are completed on the Online Grant Portal. Review the Community Grant and Small Grant Reporting Instructions.

Apply for a Small Grant