Environmental Operating Grants

Environmental Operating Grants provide three years of operational funding to help grow and support Alberta’s environmental sector.

Eligible organizations must;

  • Be registered with Canada Revenue Agency as a charity or qualified donee
  • Have a primary charitable purpose that is environmental in nature
  • Operate exclusively in Edmonton and/or Northern Alberta. Our definition of “Northern Alberta” is somewhat flexible, but we generally consider the City of Wetaskiwin to be the southern boundary of Northern Alberta.

Applying for an Environmental Operating Grant

There is no set minimum or maximum amount of funding you can request. The total pool of funding available is $300,000/year for three years, for a total of $900,000. Funds will be distributed among all successful applicants. With that in mind, please ask for what your organization needs.

All expenses are eligible for funding, provided they are not retroactive.

Funding decisions will be made using a holistic review process.  If more applicants make it through the holistic review process than the grant program is able to support, applicants whose work is most closely related to taking action on climate change will be prioritized.

When to Submit

The application deadline for this program has passed. If you have any inquiries about the program and when we will be accepting applications again, contact us here.