BBMA Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few of the most common questions that we get about the BBMAs. We encourage you to read through these as they will help with your application!

General Questions

  • Application Opens: December 15, 2023
  • Application Deadline: March 31, 2024 at 11:59 PM.
  • Award decisions released: Email sent out in early July at the latest.
  • Tuition and mandatory fees.
  • Textbooks, computers, or software (only if there is an amount remaining after paying your tuition and mandatory fees)
  • A BBMA will not pay for living expenses, travel expenses, etc.
  • After your award is confirmed, we will arrange for a payment directly to your school.
  • We send the payment when the school sends an invoice, which normally happens in October for Fall term, and February for Winter term.
  • You can apply for both. Apply for a  BBMA by March 31. It is highly recommended that you also apply for Rupertsland funding to help support your educational costs.
  • BBMA always pays tuition (up to the amount of the approved award) directly to the institution. After the drop out date, a letter of approved award is sent to the institution confirming award approval. It will then be on your portal. If you see your tuition is not paid check to ensure a letter is on file at your institution.
  • If approved for both Rupertsland and BBMA, please ensure you understand how the funding is disbursed e.g. Rupertsland may pay directly to the student for living expenses or can be used for any shortfall in tuition; or they may pay directly to the institution in other cases.
  • Yes. All you need is a plan to attend post-secondary. You will need to be accepted for your award to be paid to your school.
  • Yes. You can apply for a BBMA more than once. You do have to apply every year, though.

Metis Urban Housing can help take the stress off with monthly help with your rent!

  • MCHC will pay $200.00/month of the students rent directly to landlord.
  • MCHC can pay up to $850.00 of your security deposit directly to landlord.
  • Maximum amount of rent supplement per year per approved application is $2400.00. All approved applications will be reviewed after six months.

Find out more.

BBMA Criteria Questions

  • Show that you are a citizen of the Otipemisiwak Métis Government (previously Métis Nation of Alberta) or a member of the Métis Settlement of Alberta, or that you have applied to them.
  • Alberta Residence and Canadian Citizenship
  • Studying in an eligible program at an eligible post-secondary
  • Involvement with your Métis community and/or volunteering with Métis organizations including (but not limited to): The Métis Nation of Alberta, Métis Settlements, Michif Cultural Connections, Métis Child and Family Services, Belcourt Brosseau Métis Awards
  • Financial need
  • Students involved in volunteering or leadership, or who have overcome personal challenges
  • Employment outcomes from your program of study
  • Full-time studies (part-time studies are also eligible)
  • First year of post-secondary studies or beginning a transition program (non-first years are still eligible)
  • One recent reference form required. Additional forms can be submitted, but are optional. Use this BBMA Reference Form.
  • A copy of your most recent marks / grades. (We only need the marks from, not an official transcript)
  • Proof of Métis citizenship in the Métis Nation of Alberta, or proof of membership in the Métis Settlements of Alberta, or a letter from either one that says you have applied to them. See the next question on this page for more information
  • To apply for a BBMA, provide proof of Métis citizenship in the new Otipemisiwak Métis Government (previously Métis Nation of Alberta), or proof of membership in the Métis Settlements of Alberta, or a letter from either one that says you have applied to them.
  • We will consider the following as proof of Alberta Métis identity:
    • Picture of your Métis Citizenship Card or Certificate
    • Picture of your Alberta Métis Settlement Membership card
  • The BBMA Panel reserves the right to develop other criteria and processes concerning Alberta Métis identity. To ensure transparency and fairness, if any such criteria or process is developed it will be posted online before being applied by the BBMA panel.
  • Post-secondary programs of study that are eligible include; a recognized certificate, diploma, undergraduate degree or graduate and professional degrees in Alberta (or elsewhere in Canada).
  • Important Note: All graduate and professional degrees must lead to a designated profession, improved employment opportunities, and/or increase earning potential. The individual must speak to how they will contribute to the advancement of the Alberta Métis community. A limited number of awards are available at the professional/graduate level.
    • What is a professional degree? A professional degree is an advanced education designed to prepare you to work in a specific field, such as medicine or law. Similar to advanced academic degrees, like doctorates and certain master’s, professional degrees are considered terminal degrees—or the highest degree you can achieve in an area.
    • What is a graduate student? A graduate degree typically refers to a degree beyond a bachelor’s, most commonly a master’s. A graduate student is a student who’s pursuing an advanced degree after having earned their undergraduate degree (such as a bachelor’s degree) by graduating from an undergraduate program.
  • You can study in Alberta. Awards can be used at any public university, college, or technical institute in Alberta, as well at any private institution or vocational school accredited by ApplyAlberta
  • You can study within Canada. In order to get a BBMA for a school outside Alberta, you must must clearly address why you have selected a school outside of Alberta.
  • References optional for your application. Use this BBMA Reference Form.
  • We recommend getting a reference from someone who can talk about your Métis involvement.
  • Your reference should provide concrete details about your involvement or circumstances.
  • You can get a reference from: your teacher, your contact from volunteering, your employer, your coach, etc.
  • We do not accept references from: immediate family members (parents or siblings)

Application Questions

  • Refer to this budget tip sheet.
  • The most important part of the budget section is having a (mostly) balanced budget.
  • You should consider applying for a student loan or saving money to contribute to your education.

Still have questions? We would be happy to help.

Theresa Majeran, BBMA Coordinator
Phone: 780-977-5515