Bringing Stories to Light

Young artists support each other with Ink Movement YEG

Many of us have, tucked away in basements, boxes of old journals or sketchbooks filled with the words and artwork of our youth — forgotten stories and potential masterpieces that never had the chance to shine. Ink Movement, a youth-led nonprofit organization, wants to change things for the next generation by providing a community for young Edmonton artists and highlighting their work.

Ink Movement Edmonton is publishing its second Youth Anthology this summer. This year’s theme is “Beauty in the Little Things” and had more than 100 submissions from artists aged 14–25 across the province.

Maya Nagorski is Ink Movement’s co-president and a second-year immunology student at the University of Alberta. She says, “I think there are a lot of ways to go with it and we’ve seen some really interesting variations on the theme.” Nagorski believes the anthology process helps young creatives by removing financial barriers (there are no fees for submissions), and providing a network of like-minded peers offering feedback and encouragement.

Edmonton Community Foundation is sponsoring the 2022 edition of the anthology, as it did the first edition with a grant of $2,900. Ink Movement also partnered with the Young Alberta Book Society (YABS), which helped administer the funds last year. “It was exciting to hold the finished book in my hands,” said Stephanie Gregorwich, executive director of YABS. “This is what some very ambitious young people came up with and created on their own.”

With plans for upcoming workshops, open mic and open art nights, Nagorski hopes more young artists will join Ink Movement and find a community that inspires and supports their creative endeavours. Ink Movement will launch the 2022 Alberta Youth Anthology later this summer. Stay up to date with details of the launch and other upcoming events via its social media channels and website.

This story comes from the Summer 2022 edition of Legacy in Action. Read the full magazine.