By the Numbers: The Boyle McCauley Health Centre Fund

The true power of an endowment is felt over time.

Since inception, the Boyle McCauley Health Centre Fund has granted more than $178,000 in total and, as of 2020, had a balance of more than $207,000.

This fund supports the Boyle McCauley Health Centre (BMHC), which was the first community- based health centre in Alberta. Incorporated in 1979, BMHC opened its doors to the public in 1980 and was designed to respond to the often overlooked and unique health needs of the residents of Edmonton’s inner city.

1992: Fund Creation

An establishing gift of $100,000 launches the fund. Its objective: To provide ongoing support for BMHC’s programs and services.

1998: BMHC Provides Much-Need Programs & Services to Residents of Inner-City Edmonton.

The 1998 issue of Health Circle, BMHC’s quarterly newsletter, lists the centre’s services and programs: Immunization and Well-child Clinic, medical laboratory, weekly Healing Circle, foot care clinic, weekly AA meetings, women’s health clinic, Inner City Tuberculosis Outreach program, Community Nursing Station, Kindred House, Streetworks Needle Exchange and Edmonton Women’s Health Network.

2005: BMHC’s Silver Jubilee

Envisioned by a group of Medical Mission Sisters in 1979 and opened to the public in May 1980, 2005 marks 25 years of the Boyle McCauley Health Centre’s evolution. A community staple, the centre has continuously adapted and innovated to address the unique health needs of Edmonton’s inner city residents.

2009: Working to End Homelessness

Pathways to Housing Edmonton launches as a key part of both the provincial and municipal plans to end homelessness. The program provides mental and physical health treatment as well as education and employment support to chronically homeless clients. With its 30-year track record delivering programs to the target population, BMHC is the clear choice to head the program.

2017: A Lifeline for Pregnant Women experiencing Homelessness

Pregnancy Pathways accepts its first client in December 2017. Through this program, BMHC provides pregnant women experiencing homelessness with safe, affordable housing, pre-natal care and other support services — all while working with them to identify achievable goals so they can transition away from the program in 6–18 months.

2020 & Beyond: Going strong

Since inception, the Boyle McCauley Health Centre Fund has dispersed more than $178,000 in operational support to BMHC and, as of 2020, had a balance of more than $207,000. Having only ever received the initial establishing gift of $100,000, the BMHC Fund is a testament to the true power of an endowment.

These numbers come from our Spring 2022 edition of Legacy in Action. Read the full magazine.