EPISODE 125 — Scratching the Surface

On this episode, we scratch the surface of Edmonton’s history with racism: a huge topic that impacts many communities, each in unique ways. Our correspondent Emily Rendell-Watson explores this topic with Dr. Bukola Salami, Dr. Yvonne Chiu and Nneka Otogbolu.

The history of racism in Edmonton is the focus of our latest Vital Topic. It isn’t possible to tell the whole story of this history in just an episode, or a single Vital Signs report. But we want to bring attention to a few aspects of this history, with the understanding that there is still more for us to learn.  With help from our Vital Signs Advisory Committee, community members and stakeholders, we are continuing to reflect and find new ways to approach our annual Vital Signs report.

Read our Vital Topic: A look at the history of Racism towards Indigenous & People of Colour in Edmonton.
Find out more about our wonderful guests:
Dr. Bukola Salami
Dr. Yvonne Chiu
Nneka Otogbolu