EPISODE 139: Navigating Dementia

Exploring the challenges of living with dementia and supporting a loved one.

On this episode , we discuss the challenges of living with dementia and how one family has come together to support their mom.

Dementia can be overwhelming or even scary for those living with the condition and for their families and caregivers. There is still so much we don’t know about dementia. It can affect people of various ages, and each person’s experience is unique.

That is why Candace Smallwood created an endowment fund at ECF. The fund is called Shannon’s Fund for Dementia Research. Candace created the fund in honour of her mother-in-law, Shannon Heemeryck, who is living with dementia.

We asked Johnna Lowther to join us as a correspondent for this story. Johnna is the producer of the podcast “Life With Dementia.” She also works with Caregivers Alberta, a charitable organization that supports caregivers of all kinds, including those working with dementia.

Johnna sat down with Candace Smallwood, and Candace’s Sister-In-Law, Kristen Smallwood to hear about their family’s experience.

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