EPISODE 142: Tina Thomas

A chat with our CEO

On this episode, we meet Tina Thomas,  Chief Executive Officer at Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF).

We are excited to have Tina join our team. ECF is the fourth-largest community foundation in Canada and is the largest non-governmental funder in Edmonton. We distribute more than 30 million dollars into the community annually.

Tina joined ECF in August of 2022 with a wealth of experience. Before ECF, Tina spent more than 13 years at the Edmonton Public Library (EPL), most recently as the Executive Director of Customer Experience. During her time at EPL, she was responsible for many of their innovative services. She was also the main champion and leader behind their award-winning rebrand that helped transform the perception and use of EPL.

Tina sat down with our producer, Lisa Pruden to chat about her career path and how she’ll be drawing on her wealth of experience to help guide ECF in the years to come.

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