EPISODE 153: Investing in the Arts

Find out how the Canadian Cultural Investment Fund supports our arts scene

On this episode, we learn about how the Canada Cultural Investment Fund (CCIF) matches endowment donations to create a sustainable funding source for arts organizations like Edmonton Opera and Ukrainian Shumka Dancers + Shumka School of Dance.

CCIF is a program created by the Government of Canada. Their Endowment Incentives component provides matching funds to endowments that support professional performing arts organizations. ECF became a partner in this component in 2001. Since then, we’ve partnered with 22 local arts organizations to grow or start endowment funds that are held here at ECF. 

These participating organizations raise or contribute donations toward their endowment funds, and ECF co-applies to CCIF for those donations to be matched.  Since starting, we have raised over $21 million in donations with our partners. And have successfully received over $15 million in matching grants from the CCIF program. 

That means that since 2001, we have built over $36 million of endowment, creating a sustainable funding source that will support local arts far into the future. 

Learn more about the Canada Cultural Investment Fund (CCIF).
See what’s next for Edmonton Opera and Ukrainian Shumka Dancers + Shumka School of Dance.
To find out more about how you – or an organization you love – can take advantage of the CCIF matching opportunity, please reach out to Noel Xavier, Director of Philanthropy and Donor Engagement at NXavier@ecfoundation.org.