“Have You Heard the One About The Canadian Who Died Without a Will?”

It is hard to overstate the advantages of having a good will.

So, why don’t more of us embrace “will power,” even when we know story after story of families, business partners, and advisors having to clean up the mess when a person dies “intestate” (without a will)?

Kathy Hawkesworth, Director of Donor Services at Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF), joins LawNow magazine to pen a lighthearted twist on a serious topic. Click here to read Kathy’s rebuttal to five common excuses people have for not creating a will.

If you have questions about creating, updating and maintaining a will, ECF is presenting Willpower Wills Week October 2-6, 2017. Every October, ECF partners with a dedicated team of volunteer estate lawyers to answer your questions about will and estate planning. Wills Week sessions are free of charge to the public and offer information about:

  • Creating and/or updating a will,
  • What a will can and cannot do,
  • How a will can help save taxes for both you and your estate, and
  • Why it is so important to have a will prepared with the help and expertise of a lawyer, accountant, and financial and estate planner.

Click here to for more information and this year’s schedule.