Rebuilding Northern Alberta Fund

Edmonton Community Foundation is launching the Rebuilding Northern Alberta Fund for long-term support in response to wildfires and floods.

As first responders and frontline organizations continue to address the immediate climate crisis in Northern Alberta, Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) in collaboration with Drayton Valley Community Foundation (DVCF) and the Northwestern Alberta Foundation (NAF) have created a Rebuilding Northern Alberta Fund to restore and enhance the social infrastructure of our neighbours following extensive wildfire and flood damage. 

ECF is matching all donations to the fund up to $50,000. Funds raised will be given to DVCF and NAF to support the rebuilding efforts in the region.  

“We are fortunate to live in a province where unprecedented challenges are often met with equally unprecedented generosity,” says Tina Thomas, Edmonton Community Foundation’s CEO. “With this fund, we hope to ensure communities across Northern Alberta affected by the wildfires and floods can continue to thrive, long after families have returned home and emergency crews have left the scene.” 

After immediate needs are met, the process of rebuilding Northern Alberta will require long-term financial commitment to fill the gaps not covered by government funding.  

This fund aims to support the ongoing rebuilding and recovery efforts in the region focusing on areas including Drayton Valley, the County of Grande Prairie, the Municipal District of Greenview, and surrounding communities.

A map of Alberta showing the areas covered by the fund
The locations benefitting from the Rebuilding Northern Alberta Fund.

Northwestern Alberta Foundation CEO, Laura LaValley says, “Northwestern Alberta includes many urban, rural, and Indigenous communities. Over 50 wildfires have been burning in our area since the beginning of May. The situation is affecting our communities as they pull together to respond, support neighbouring evacuees, and manage the everchanging situation. We are incredibly grateful for the support from other regions in Alberta. It shows the true strength of community and the resiliency that defines our province.”  

The community foundations are working together closely to ensure rebuilding funds are used efficiently and effectively for the benefit of affected Albertans. 

“Through all of this, we have seen individuals, groups, emergency workers, and companies band together, looking for ways to repair what we have lost and start planning for the future,” says Tara Middlemiss, Executive Director, Drayton Valley Community Foundation. “We are not in the clear yet, and there is still so much more work that needs to be done, but our hopes are high as we continue to be lifted by each other, our neighbors, and this incredible province we call home.” 

Contributions will be accepted from individual donors, corporations, and foundations.  

UPDATE September 2023: This fund is now closed.