Results Unleashed: Season 3

Q&A with Jeff Tetz, CEO of Results and Host of Unleashed

Strong leadership has been the key for businesses and organizations to navigate through the pandemic successfully. This is why Edmonton Community Foundation is pleased to partner with Results to present season three of Unleashed.

Featuring world-class thought-leaders, authors, and leadership experts, Unleashed has become a resource for business leaders to access tangible takeaways to better lead their teams and grow their businesses.

We spoke with Jeff Tetz, CEO of Results and host of Unleashed, to see what season three has in store. Season three kicks off on February 4.  You can find the schedule here.

What is Results and the services it offers clients?

We help companies and leaders unleash their potential by partnering with their leadership teams to implement research-based execution disciplines and make the journey of building a business just a little more predictable.

How did the idea for the Results Unleashed series come about?

It was a way for us to show up for our community of leaders who were looking for connection and for answers as to how to lead through the pandemic. The community continues to grow as word spreads about the quality of guests and caliber of leaders who participate in the discussions each episode.

Who is the team behind the series?

Our show producer Andrea Kenna plays a major role as does our marketing coordinator, Junnel Fontanilla. Nicole Romaniuk our business development representative who engages with the audience on the chat and Tim O’Connor, the founder of Results, who does post show production including writing the informative blog summaries of each episode. I’m of course the lucky person who gets to host the show and our entire team helps so much in growing the audience and connecting with people.

What can people expect to take away from Unleashed?

They can expect memorable stories and tangible actions they can start applying to their daily lives to improve their leadership and influence from some of the world’s leading business thinkers and authors.

What has the pandemic revealed about leadership in our community?

That we really do have each other’s backs and we can be more creative, clever and adaptable than we ever imagined when there’s no other choice.

What have been the biggest insights you’ve gained while producing the series?

How to have productive disagreements, how to re-frame problems, and above all else – when you take chances on ideas you can open up a whole new realm of life experience that you never expected.

What is the focus of season 3 going to be?

It’s really going to be a mix of topics from leadership, culture, psychological safety, the delusions of innovation, and gender balanced workplaces. We have a great roster of speakers.

Anything else you’d like to chat about?

Unleashed is nearing 400 season subscribers and is free for your entire team to join us.  Many companies have all their managers tune in and leverage it as free education when budgets are tight. I hope you’ll join us to see what all the fuss is about.

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