YEG Eats Episode 5: Mesobena Family Restaurant

Issayas Berrakhi brings Eritrean food & hospitality to Edmonton

YEG Eats is a brand new video series that brings you into the kitchens of Edmonton’s BIPOC-owned restaurants. Each video will give you an inside look at the struggles and joys of running a restaurant as a BIPOC in our city — all while featuring some great spots to eat. This series, produced by Imagene Films, was made possible by a grant from ECF.

In Episode 5 we meet Issayas Berrakhi, owner and chef of Mesobena Family Restaurant. Berrakhi hopes to provide customers with an authentic Eritrean experience from the moment they walk in his doors.

Make sure to subscribe to the YEG Eats Youtube channel to keep up with the series. And check out our blog post about the background of this project. You can also meet Tomi Okunnuga, head of Imagene Films, in episode 105 of The Well-Endowed Podcast.