CASA Mental Health Fund

Reaching more kids and families in the ‘missing middle’

Families are finally talking about mental health. CASA Mental Health is treating it.

CASA is an established and accredited non-profit provider of clinical mental health services. CASA relies on support from donors and community members to serve more kids in what we call the missing middle.

Partners such as family doctors and community programs already focus on prevention and promotion in the community, while Alberta Health Services delivers acute care in cases of hospitalization. CASA serves children and youth aged three to 18 with mental health conditions who need more service than what their community can provide, but who may not require hospitalization. While CASA’s services centre around the child, we also wrap our supports around the entire family.

When it comes to mental illness, youth is a critical period: most people living with a mental illness see their symptoms begin before age 18. Approximately 20 per cent of Canadian youth are affected by a mental illness or disorder.

While CASA receives core funding from the provincial government to fund treatment for children and youth, we identify funding priorities in order to wrap our care around families and focus financial support where it’s needed most – where it isn’t always fully funded.


We can’t help kids and families thrive without you

We are grateful for your support in delivering much-needed mental health services that centre around a child and wrap around an entire family. Your commitment is instrumental to CASA’s vision of a community where all children, youth and their families are provided with timely mental health care and empowered to thrive.


Get help. Give help.


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