Audrey Stechynsky Fund

Audrey Stechynsky created a fund at the Edmonton Community Foundation through a gift in her will. Audrey did this legacy planning in order to acknowledge the support she and her family received over the years from her community, and to provide support for causes for which she had a passion.

The Audrey Stechynsky Fund is a permanent “endowment” fund created to:

* Undertake study into and advance HOPE in individuals, family and community

* Advance career development, meaning the lifelong process of managing One’s learning and work in order to move towards a preferred future and build a quality of life.

An “endowment” fund is created with a gift that is invested to earn income. Every year a percentage of the fund is granted with a view to making the support last forever.

Endowment gifts are as unique as the people who create them. They can be as diverse as gifts to support the arts, to assist people living in some form of difficult circumstances (e.g. illness, hunger, etc.) to support education, protect the environment, to invest in social enterprises, to encourage activity, recreation and leisure, or a combination of some or all of these.

How Endowment Funds Work

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