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Kelly Falardeau was just two-years-old when she was burned over 75% of her body. Months of agony in hospital followed, then more hospitalizations every other summer when other kids enjoyed the outdoors. In many ways, Kelly missed a normal childhood.

Such experiences break thousands of children and adults worldwide every year, bringing isolation and depression and, later, so often poverty. In poorer countries small children are sometimes deserted by parents and left to die in the hospital.

But not Falardeau; in adversity she found inner strength. She endured the countless hospitalizations, the bullying, being treated as an oddity. Instead of buckling under the pressure, she used it to gain strength most of her tormentors from childhood would never know.

Now, as an international speaker and four-time bestselling author she gives strength and encouragement to other burn survivors, helping them to see that what’s inside the package is far more valuable than the wrapping.

Kelly and her children have established the Blankets for Burn Kids Fund to help support advances to burn treatment, provide opportunities for children to attend burn camps and to ensure burn survivors know they are loved, needed and wanted.

Her latest project called “Blankets for Burn Kids” was created with her kids and they are working to get 1000 blankets sponsored so they can give them away to the kids at various burn camps around the world. You can help by purchasing/sponsoring blankets for the kids.

Cover story in Dr. Barry Lycka’s monthly newsletter The New You 

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