Daniel Hughes Memorial Fund

Supporting People With Disabilities

Daniel passed away at the age of 32. He was loved and supported by his parents Linda Hughes and Terry Singleton, friends and family. He was born with a rare genetic condition called Angelman syndrome.

Despite his enormous challenges he had become a part of his community and lived the most inclusive life as possible. Daniel loved life, loved people, loved spreading joy and had the most amazing sense of humour. Daniel thrived on making people smile and loved seeing others laugh and connect with each other.

In his short life, he helped pioneer paths in inclusive education by being included in regular classrooms and in his community. As an adult, he was opening up more doors for those with severe disabilities by continuing to break down barriers. He loved volunteering and feeling like he belonged by being around others that embraced his differences.

In Daniel’s honour, we want to continue his life’s journey and help others to be fully included.

Please donate now to help keep his legacy alive for many more years to come.

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