Edmonton Chinese Cultural Legacy Fund

  1. The charitable intent and purpose of the Funds is to enhance the quality of life for people living in the greater Edmonton area by supporting Qualified Donees to undertake charitable activities and projects that relate to the Chinese community(ies) in the greater Edmonton area that:
    • promote intercultural and/or intergenerational communication, collaboration and building relationships that relate to emerging issues in the community; and/or
    • address the long-term needs of people who live in difficult circumstances, including but not limited to homelessness, hunger, poverty, mental and/or physical health or violence, particularly seniors, children, and families in the Chinese community; and/or
    • build, sustain and/or otherwise encourage a strong, engaged community, including but not limited to programs for community development, equity, justice, life skills development, social research and volunteerism; and/or
    • provide and/or enhance arts, culture and/or heritage opportunities; and/or
    • support and/or enhance knowledge, accessibility and/or availability of Chinese culture, heritage and/or language across and/or for current and future generations; and/or
    • enhance and/or revitalize centres of Chinese culture such as but not limited to Edmonton’s Chinatown area.

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