Every Women Empowered Endowment Fund

One woman’s struggles triumphed into Empowering a community of women

In 2012 Shawna J Serniak founded Every Woman Empowered an organization that focuses on women and their own personal self development.  Offering monthly workshops for a variety of topics from addictions to self love. E.W.E. became more of a “community” than an “organization” for women.  It’s a place where women learn, change and grow … a place where they can come together, to share and not be judged.

Wanting to help even more than offering workshops and classes for women, Shawna thought of other ways to impact this community. Working with the Edmonton Community Foundation, her ideas have become a reality.  The Every Woman Empowered Endowment Fund was created, helping women in the following areas:

*Women with addictions

*Women who have been abused

*Women who are struggling single mothers and

*Aboriginal Women

These four areas have personally impacted Shawna’s own life. Shawna is a strong Metis woman, who had suffered with emotional and verbal abuse not only in a relationship but at the same time at her place of employment, she raised her son on her own and is a recovering gambling addict. She wants Every Woman Empowered Endowment Fund to impact women for years to come.  To let women know they are not alone in their struggles, that there is better days ahead and that there is help.

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