Friends of Elk Island Society Conservation, Research & Education Fund

The Friends of Elk Island Society, established in 1984, is a non-profit, charitable organization actively involved in Elk Island National Park and the surrounding Beaver Hills Biosphere. Our mission is to promote conservation, research, education, and recreation within this region. We achieve this by providing a wide array of engagement, volunteer, stewardship, and recreational opportunities to both our members and the general public. Our overarching vision is to foster a profound connection between people and nature, to increase the understanding and appreciation for the world we inhabit, ultimately resulting in active conservation efforts.

For more details about our Society, please visit our website at Our organization is managed entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers serving on our Board of Directors. We welcome individuals who are interested in joining our Board or any of our committees. We are committed to providing opportunities for community science, stewardship, outreach, and recreational activities throughout the year. We also actively collaborate with National Parks, the Beaver Hills Biosphere, academic institutions, and other partners as opportunities arise. Our membership and Board consist of individuals with diverse educational and occupational backgrounds, all of whom bring unique perspectives and interests to our Society and programs, making us stronger through this diversity.

Your contributions to our fund play a crucial role in enabling the Friends of Elk Island Society to continue supporting environmental outreach, stewardship, community science, scientific research, and outdoor recreation within Elk Island National Park and the Beaver Hills Biosphere.



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