Furry Friends Fund

Our Story

Over the years we’ve experienced the joy that comes from rescuing an animal in need of a home and are grateful for the time and energy people dedicate to the care of animals in our community.

We have always supported those doing this work through attending events and making donations, but wanted to do more –we wanted to help our grandchildren and their grandchildren experience the unique relationship that exists between a human and their animal companion.

The result is The Furry Friends Fund, an endowment fund we have created with the Edmonton Community Foundation. It comes from our love for our dogs, but will serve any companion animal with fur, scales, skin, shells, or feathers that slithers, swings, climbs ,burrows, flies, flutters, runs, walks, swims, hops, glides or paddles!

The Furry Friends Fund will support organizations:

• Sheltering and caring for homeless animals

• Protecting and rehabilitating abused animals

• Providing public education regarding animal welfare issues

• Advocating for the rights of animals

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