George Millar Fund

It’s PAY BACK time!

After 26 formative years in Ireland (1943 to 1969) followed in 1970 by 52 wonderful years in Alberta, I want to give as richly as I received.

The bulk of my teaching was enjoyed in Edmonton, but along the way I taught among our First Nations Community in Wood Buffalo National Park and I explored other parts of the World; South Korea, China and Tanzania, as well.

40 years teaching in all.

Now, it’s time to give back through Edmonton Community Foundation’s GEORGE MILLAR FUND.

The FUND is dedicated to assisting students who need help in pursuing their post secondary studies.

My father called it: Priming the Pump.“George,” he told me, “you can’t get water out of a well until you put a little water in – to ‘Prime the Pump.’”

With a little bit of ‘priming,’ many enthusiastic recipients will reach their potential and proceed further to enrich their Community, Canada  and beyond.

Upon attaining success, may they be inspired to give back, too.

With much love, George Millar

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