In Memory of Cody Pietro Garbutt

Cody was born on March 15, 1984

He passed on November 21, 2022

A well-known hairstylist in the City of Edmonton, he graduated at the top of his class from the Eveline Charles Academy in 2007.

Cody led an extraordinary life.  From the time he became a hairstylist, his mother, Mimi, always said to him, “go out and make a difference in someone’s day today”.  Cody took this advice to heart, making the day brighter for everyone who sat in his chair.  He had the kindest heart, an infectious smile, and the most contagious laugh. He was a fearless performer and was always willing to put himself out there to bring a smile to someone’s face.

He was known as KING CODY, King of Blondes!  There was no one more gifted at mixing up just the right color to achieve the ‘perfect blonde’.

Every new client that walked into Cody’s salon left as a friend. He enriched the life of all who had the privilege of knowing him.

It was his special gift to make people feel beautiful and cared for.  He innately understood style and fashion and was always “on trend”. He just knew what cut or colour would suit a person best.

Cody was a little bit of sparkle and a ton of sass. His easy smile lit up a room. He was always able to see the beauty in others and he never failed to make sure his friends and clients understood their worth.

For over 15 years, Cody shared stories and secrets and celebrated life’s milestones with his clients – many of whom were with him from his earliest days as a hair stylist.

During the pandemic Cody spent his time at home honing his creative skills; he started painting, he began growing plants, ultimately owning many exotics.  He became proficient in the kitchen, learning how to bake bread and cook many dishes from scratch.

He was a generous, gentle, and genuine human being, a great friend, capable, talented and humble.  He was fiercely protective of his people and his fur babies – compassionate and empathetic…holding space and offering solace to anyone who needed it.

Cody had a deep and profound bond with his most cherished companions, Hugo, Vincenzo & Cali.  From the moment he took them in they became his; he took great joy in caring for them and giving them the very best of everything. Cody delighted in their antics, sharing pictures and videos like a proud parent. There was never any doubt that they found their home and their place in this world with him – and they understood each other on an unspoken level and loved each other unconditionally.

Cody would want us all to embrace every day, cherish our loved ones and hold them dear, with the same unwavering love that he embodied.

His legacy will be that he left this world and the people with whom he interacted, better human beings.  Cody will be dearly missed but never forgotten by those who had the privilege of his caring presence in their lives.

Although we feel his absence every day and struggle to understand why God would call him home so soon – he is whole and perfect beyond the veil, where he will continue to shine his light until we meet again.

Rest in perfect peace, Cody. You are loved.



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