In Memory of Jean Proft

Jean dedicated over 30 years of her life as the Recreation Director for the town of Barrhead. Her hard work and dedication made her a pillar of the community. She was known for being an amazing listener and treating everyone with kindness and respect. Jean’s colleagues have nothing but beautiful things to say about her, many of them who say that she was like their second mother, who they felt comfortable to ask her anything without judgement and with complete care and compassion. 


Honouring the Legacy of Jean Proft: A Memorial Fund for Local Children and Youth.

In loving memory of our beloved mom Jean Proft, we are establishing a memorial fund to honour her compassionate spirit and her dedication to supporting children and youth in our community. The fund aims to provide financial assistance to those who cannot afford to participate in sports programs, fostering their physical and personal development.

The purpose of Jean’s Memorial Fund is to ensure that every child in our local community has the opportunity to participate in sports programs, regardless of their financial circumstances. We believe that sports can have a transformative impact on young individuals, promoting physical health, teamwork, discipline, and self-confidence. By eliminating financial barriers, we hope to empower children and youth to unlock their full potential and thrive both on and off the field.

The Jean Proft  Memorial Fund will accept donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses who share our commitment to providing equal opportunities for all children and youth. These donations will be used exclusively to cover the costs associated with sports program fees, equipment, uniforms, transportation, and any other expenses that may hinder the participation of underprivileged children.

Collaboration with Local Sports Programs:

We will partner with local sports programs, clubs, and organizations to identify eligible children and youth who would benefit from the fund. Through these collaborations, we will ensure that the allocated funds are used effectively and reach those who need it the most. The fund will work closely with program coordinators, social workers, and community leaders to select deserving individuals and monitor their progress.

How to Contribute:

We invite members of the community, family, friends, and all those touched by Jean’s kindness to contribute to the memorial fund. Your generous donations will directly impact the lives of children and youth, providing them with a chance to experience the numerous benefits of sports participation. Contributions can be made through the Jean’s memorial fund which is attached below.


Jeans  Memorial Fund is a heartfelt tribute to our mom, aiming to carry forward her legacy of compassion and support for local children and youth. By providing financial assistance to those who cannot afford sports programs, we hope to create a lasting impact on their lives, helping them build character, foster friendships, and pursue their dreams. Together, let us honour Jean’s memory and make a difference in the lives of our community’s children and youth.

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