JDCJ Brittle Family Gratitude Fund

My husband was always sceptical when it came to making charitable donations, claiming the charity actually saw little of the gift as it mostly went to administration.

When he was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2015, we were surprised to hear that bladder cancer was the fifth highest occurring cancer.  Its ‘profile’ certainly did not reflect this!  That is why the following fall, I shamelessly solicited family and friends to sponsor me to take part in the Bladder Cancer Canada Walk in Edmonton.  John was amazed at the number of people who got behind me, touched by their love and support.  And very proud to be able to also take part in it with me!

It was during his battle with bladder cancer that our daughter was struck with heart disease at the age of 37.  Again, another shocking revelation of the ruthlessness of these illnesses!

He has since passed, but would be totally devastated to learn that our 23-year-old granddaughter has just recently been diagnosed with heart disease.

That is why, after much brainstorming, shedding of tears and researching over time, our family has established an endowment fund, through Edmonton Community Foundation, for these two life-altering diseases.  And I know he would be one of its staunchest sponsors despite his initial cynicism.

Deanna, Christina & Jordan

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