Johnstone/Wright Fund

The arctic world is changing, and it affects all of us.

Help us understand it better.


The Johnstone-Wright Polar Bear Fund supports education, research and conservation efforts for polar bears and other Arctic species.

We may live far away from the Artic world, but Albertans are strongly connected to the North and the Arctic through our economic, social and cultural ties, and our leading academic work that seeks to understand the Artic world and how it is changing. How do these changes impact Artic wildlife and the world beyond?

We don’t know enough about this. If we want to conserve Arctic wildlife species as their environment changes, we need more education and research that helps us understand what’s going on.

Change is happening quickly and now is the time to act.

Meet the donors whose passions have always led them North.

 “We’ve been watching and listening to the world around us for many years and share a strong appreciation for polar bears. They are one of the largest mammals in North America. They are majestic. They are powerful. They are amazingly adaptable to their surroundings. They somehow thrive in a barren, cold world”.

 “If we can choose things to support, things that we hope our great grandchildren might be able to experience in real life, we choose Polar Bears. They are already adapting. They’re getting ready.”

 Many of us live in a big city and we don’t touch and feel these creatures every day. But we need to care with what we can’t see and can’t touch because it usually affects our world in broader ways. Even in our big cities.

Our fund supports better understanding of the Artic world: the creatures that live there, the land itself, the ice and water.  How does this play into our global ecosystem?  We may not be prepared for what the future holds for us. We need to be.

Our fund is ready for grant gifting, and we welcome the support of everyone who shares our passion.  Researchers and conservation experts struggle to find funds to do the work they need to do, and to educate others with the knowledge they are gaining. We want to help them get there faster.

And we know everyone wants polar bears and other Arctic species to remain on the landscape!

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